Here's What You'll Learn

This course is the perfect entry point for musicians and vocalists of all backgrounds to begin a journey into Hindustani Raga music. Not only will you gain a clear understanding of the foundations of raga music in one compact course, you’ll also begin improvising and performing in the timeless evening raga, Yaman. Below are some of the key points we'll cover.

  • The Core Concepts of Raga Music

  • How to Improvise in Rag Yaman

  • Detailed Composition in Rag Yaman

  • How to Improvise with Rhythmic Cycles

  • Raga Forms such as Pakar, Chalan, Taan, Alap, Paltas and Compositions

  • After finishing this course you will be able to perform Rag Yaman

Ready to begin your Raga Journey?

What Students are Saying

Incredible Resource

Joshua Miller - Clarinet

Wow, this is an incredible resource for all musicians! I was blown away by the level of detail and knowledge about the Hindustani Classical music system. This is a great starting place for anyone looking for a crash course in learning Indian music.

Accessible and Easy to Grasp

Oshri Hakak - Vocal & Woodwinds

Will presents raga music in a way that is accessible and easy to grasp even with my having little prior training in Indian Classical Music. I had been intimidated by the idea of learning a whole new system, but in his course Will lays down the groundwork in a way that any musician can take away and work with fundamentals that can inform a deeper musical and improvisational practice, and open up new dimensions of music-making, to a variety of instruments and levels of experience. I'm extremely grateful for him having made this course!

Is this course right for me?

Raga for All Instruments is intentionally created to be accessible to any musician or vocalist regardless of your experience or background.

  • Suitable for Musicians and Vocalists of any instrument / style

  • Taught in the key of “C”

  • Requires no prior experience with raga music or improvisation required (basic comfort on your instrument with scales recommended)

  • Great for students already learning raga music seeking a compact resource of clear material

Course curriculum


As a special bonus, I’m giving you a complimentary private lesson upon course completion. This free virtual lesson will help answer any questions you may have and allow me to support you in furthering your raga musical journey.

Meet the Teacher

Will Marsh brings refined melody, imagination and devotion to all facets of his music. He has been performing classical sitar for fourteen years and guitar twenty. Will has worked with Grammy-winning musicians and producers and has been featured on national T.V. From his roots as a guitarist from northern Michigan to performing Hindustani sitar in Kolkata, Will’s musical journey has been rich and diverse. He believes passionately that music is essential to all of humanity. He holds his MFA in World Music Performance from the California Institute of the Arts and has studied with some of the world’s greatest musicians including Ustad Aashish Khan (eldest son of Ali Akbar Khan), Roshan Bhartiya, Tushar Bhaita and Shakir Khan. Currently, Will resides in the California Bay Area as an active teacher, performer and recording artist.
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Common questions about learning raga music.

  • I’ve never improvised. Is this for me?

    The principles of raga music are an amazing guide for someone looking to begin melodic improvisation. In this course, you’ll learn compositions and fixed exercises that guide you into improvising with the raga.

  • Can I really play raga on any instrument?

    Yes, but with some limitations. The basic musical scales as played on any instrument have many meeting points with Hindustani scales. You can play the essence of a raga on any instrument. However, to get all of the nuances and subtleties of a raga, an instrument that can bend and is not limited to equal temperament is optimal.

  • Shouldn’t I be learning this music from a master who is from India?

    This music tradition has been passed down for over a thousand years through a direct teacher-student relationship. I’m fortunate to have learned under India’s greatest musical lineages. I find that my background in Western music allows me to translate information more clearly and efficiently to students who are not familiar with the Indian tradition.

  • What kind of instruments have you successfully already taught raga to?

    Guitar, voice, cello, clarinet, saxophone and piano so far.

  • How long does it take to learn a raga?

    Traditionally, you can spend years practicing one raga. It just depends how deep you want to go. But by the end of this course, you’ll have a good grounded understanding of Rag Yaman which is a very important raga that has been performed by masters for over 1000 years.

  • Why is only 1 raga taught in this course?

    By learning the framework of how raga music is structured through a detailed study of one raga, you can now approach learning more ragas with much greater ease.

  • I thought I had to devote my whole life to learning this music?

    Well, you certainly can devote a lifetime of study to this music but it’s not needed to gain value. Whether you can practice for 20 minutes a day or 3 hours a day, the musical principles of this tradition will deepen your musical perspective.

  • What does Hindustani mean?

    There are two main classical music systems in India; Hindustani and Carnatic. Hindustani is from the Northern region and Carnatic from the Southern. Hindustani is influenced by the Moghuls from Persia and that’s what sets it apart from Carnatic. Both utilize ragas but have a very different approach. My study and practice is from the Hindustani tradition.

  • Do I have to learn a new language to learn raga?

    The terminology used to teach Hindustani music comes from Sanskrit and Hindi but I can assure you that it’s fun and easy to learn some new words and phrases.

Why delay your journey?

The music is calling.

Raga for All Instruments features 17 videos thoughtfully organized into 10 chapters. It is 137 minutes of content. You’ll be sure to have gained a thorough understanding of raga music upon completion.

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